More about Dawn

Originally from the UK, I am currently living in Turin in the north-west of Italy.
Inspired by life in general, the smallest thing or happening can spark my creativity.
However a constant inspiration is my love of plants and flowers. I create patterns
which incorporate organic forms, blooms and buds, leaves and, maybe the odd butterfly!

Sometimes… well very often, my motifs are not representative and hardly ever realistic.
My final patterns are produced digitally, using a very bold and graphic style which I try to pair with
a contrasting elegance through my use of colour and composition.

I feel very lucky to be able to do creative projects everyday. I see my future as a continuation of
exploring, experimenting and perfecting every aspect of Surface Pattern Design.
And I have no doubt that I will carry on pursuing my dream of creating and licensing patterns.
I like to think that people will get the same pleasure that I do from my work.

I can provide you with creative and original designs and patterns
which are already in my portfolio waiting to be licensed.
Or I can work with you to create something special to make your product even more unique.