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[one_half last=”yes” class=”” id=””]There’s nothing like a good bit of news to celebrate my new website!

I am a finalist in the CarpetVista Design Competition 2016. CarpetVista are a company based in Malmö, Sweden. It is the largest carpet shop online and offer a range of more than over 40.000 carpets. In this year’s edition they have received more than 19,000 entries from 90 countries!

I am delighted to have 6 designs in the final. As the final is based on a public voting system I ask you to vote for the designs you like best. It is possible to cast 5 votes, and by voting, you have the chance of winning one of the designs you have chosen.

My profile link for voting is: https://www.carpetvista.it/design-competition/show/53752/118611
Thank you everyone… take a look and vote, vote, vote! The design in the link is called “Take a peek” my other designs are further down the page. The winners will be announced on November 11th.


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