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Some of you will already know that I collect butterfly designs to celebrate World Lupus Day which takes place on May 10th every year. For every design I receive, I make a small donation to Lupus UK. This year marks the 5th year and a brand new website has appeared to make the occasion even more professional and give visual support to the initiative.

This year however I only collected a total of 60 designs which is virtually half of the 116 designs of the 2016 edition! At first, this made me slightly sad and even embarrassed to post and publicise the fact but on reflection the amount doesn’t matter one bit. The idea behind my project is to raise awareness for this rare auto-immune disease so from this point of view, even if only ten designs come in the project will always be a success.
On the positive side a lot of ‘veterans’ sent me a design, which is fabulous; this means they fully understand my project and why I continue to do it every year. I appreciate their support greatly and hope that they will continue to send me designs for many years to come. Ruby and Holly are on their fifth submission and Ruby is improving every time. I’m sure when she grows up she will be a great designer just like her Mom. Thank you also to Maike Thoma, Jan Shepherd, Thomas Fummo, Luca, Chiara, Alfred and my Mum, all veterans who have supported me every year. A little mention for a newcomer called Michelle Lobelia who lives in Italy just like me and who draws fabulous butterfly designs. I hope that she will add the project to her ’to do’ list for next year too.
You can see all the designs on the Butterflies for Lupus website in the 2017 gallery, also on two Pinterest boards, Adults and Children.

I have made a donation to Lupus Uk for 80 Euros. I’m also very grateful to Holly Helgeson and Ann Clarkson for their kind contributions.
Well that’s it… very VERY late… but thanks all the same to everyone who participated.

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